Monday, September 18, 2006

We short-termed decided to do a short holiday at the Baltic Sea to make our automobile camper safe for the winter on the campground. The campground will be closing this year on October the 15th and checking our calendar we realized there was no other possibility for us to go there than from September 7th till 15th. And so we did :-) As usual we had a great time there. I even managed to meet Kathi and Sonja-Maria two fellow stitchers living in this area. We had a very nice afternoon chatting and eating in a very good Italian restaurant. And of course, we showed each other some of our WIP's :-)
As you can see on the pics we had nice wheather. Sorry, the pics are a bit dark. I don't know why...

Here are some pictures showing Lisa on the playground. That day was the coldest. On nearly every other day we were able to wear a T-shirt and shorts.