Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Today we had a very nice lunch at my mothers house. She cooked my very very favorite meal. Rolls of beef with red cabbage and potatos.....yummmiiiiieeeeh :-)

I made a nice progress on Winter Snapperland last night. :-)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Tonight Manuela phoned up and told that she want to stitch on Winter Snapperland tonigt. And as usual it wasn't hard to persuade myself to take mine out of one of my WIP-boxes :-)

This is where I start tonight...oh no, the pic is a bit older the outlines of the house are stitched already.

We had a very nice Christmas Eve yesterday. My mother in law and my mother came for dinner...a very early dinnner because we wanted Lisa to be with us. Though, she was really tired from handing out the presents earlier in the afternoon :-)

After dinner I took out my Hearts and Flowers by Carriage House Samplings. Carol, one of my favorites as well :-)
And it would be great to do a Deftly Wrought SAL in 2007 with you! I'm looking forward to this one :-)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Back in the "blogging-mode" ?!?!?!

Hello and Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends :-)
First of all I want to thank you very much for your caring words concerning my fathers death. Your mail, emails and comments meant so much to me!

During the past two months I didn't stitch a lot. Lately I started something new to get back into stitching and it seems as if it works right now :-) It is a lovely desing by Carriage House Samplings. I will scan it later on. Now Lisa is in bed and as we are having a very old scanner he's really loud... so I will have to wait till she got up.

I just changed to Beta-Version but it seems not to be much different....does it?