Saturday, December 31, 2005

My stitching goals for 2006

But I'm sure I missed some things :-) And there will come up more during the year as well, don't you think so?

Drawn Thread - Gameboard Sampler
Chatelaine - Medieval Town Mandala
Indigo Rose - Catherine Agnes
Eventide - Autumn Needleroll
Permin - Sampler 1852
Acufactum - Findus der Maler

Start and Finish:
some gifts for special friends :-)
12 Lizzie Kate Flip it's with my Germand SAL-Group
12 Prairie Schooler - A Prairie Christmas Ornaments with Friends Gather BB

some ornaments
at least one needleroll
Jeannette Douglas - My Treasure Box
Drawn Thread - Summer into Autumn
Drawn Thread - An Open Heart
Drawn Thread - Souvenir Sampler
Indigo Rose - Armchair Pin Keep
Hillside Samplings - Seasonal Samplings
Little House Needleworks - Daisy Lane Cottage
Blackbird Designs - Summer House
Victoria Sampler - Heirloom Homecoming Sampler

Do you think it is too much ? ;-)

I made a little progress on Ilse's Christmas ABC:

Tomorrow starts the Prairie Schooler SAL. I'm going to stitch A Prairie Christmas

on this 37ct Oehlenschlaeger Linen with one DMC over two.

Friday, December 30, 2005

After two days of stitching this is my MTM and it is still a LOT to do left.....

I just picked out the threads for the Prairie Schooler SAL with the Friends Gather BB. I want to stitch A Prairie Christmas. But before I could choose the linen it started getting dark so I have to wait till tomorrow.... :-( But there's a good thing with it... I will not be tempted to start it right now ;-)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The last snow melted away before christmas but last night we got snow again. I took this picture very early this morning. As you can see it's just getting light outside....
I'm stitching on MTM and will post a picture tomorrow morning.

I feel like coming down with a cold, but I applied for participating in a 15km run on New Years Eve morning....please keep your fingers crossed for me being healthy on saturday. It happened twice to me that I couldn't run because of a cold in the past years....

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Unfortunately there wasn't much stitching for me today. Lisa was in such a bad mood today :-( But the good thing is, it only can become better tomorrow....

CA is really exciting but I have to spend some more hours on MTM there's a lot left to do before the 1st of january. I thought about a To Do list for 2006 as many of you made. I love to read them but I don't know if I find the time to make one myself the next days. But I promise I'll try to...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Today I ordered my copy of the Just Cross Stitch october issue. I hope it is the one containing the Autumn Stitches by Jeannette Douglas :-)

I stitched a few crosses on the gameboard sampler and now after we were out for a run I'll continue with Catherine Agnes......

Monday, December 26, 2005

Thank you so much for your kind words on HCS. I loved to read them :-)

When I got MTM out of my WIP-box I realized, that it needs 3 Gloriana Threads, 2 silks and 1 Luminescence.... but I only got 2 Threads *grrrrr* Of course I immediately checked my order and it said I ordered 3! Now I have to investigate the whereabout of the missing thread. I can't believe it that's still 1 Thread missing!!!! Anyway I started to fill the remaining crosses in part one and stitched some other on part 3.

Today we had a big lunch at my brother in law and his companion in life. My parents in law and my sister in law with her family attended as well. We had a great time and the children enjoyed to unwrap their christmas presents. :-)
Just after lunch it started to snow so driving home took us quite a long time...

From left to right:
Derek (DH), Lisa (DD), Hannelore & Ted (PIL)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

I wish you all a merry Christmas filled with lots of love and a big bunch of family.
We had a wonderful cozy evening last night with Lisa's (DD) both grandparents and her grandgrandmother.
Our Christmastree is a very small one because we were frightened that Lisa could overturn it and hurt herself. We tied the tree on the table and even screwed the table on the floor. :-) It really doesn't make that much of a difference because we have a rustic wooden floor and you will not notice the holes.

On Christmas Eve's morning ( do you say so?) my still missing Gloriana Threads for MTM were in the mail!!!!!! I nearly didn't believed in receiving them ever any more...

Ahhhhh, I nearly missed to tell everybody that I finished my Heirloom Christmas Sampler on Thursday the 23rd at 11.45 pm. Just in time before Christmas :-)))))
And here it is:

Friday, December 23, 2005

Yesterday I started something new again :-)))) Do you remember my Christmas ABC-RR? There wasn't very much stitched on it when I received it back... Ilse a very nice german stitcher was one of the persons who offered to stitch a letter and motif for me. She gave me this Christmas ABC of hers to stitch on it.

I started to stitch a wonderful fireplace with three stockings hanging at it:

Annemiek, do you own a blog? I would love to take a peak at your Catherine Agnes and the other things you've done :-)

Carol, when do you plan to restart CA? Maybe we can do another SAL?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

After watching TV last night it was too late to post a pic. We get up at 5.15am every morning so we usually got to bed 9.30-10.00 pm. And yesterday it was even later so I show my little newstart today :-) Do you know what it is?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I stitched a bit more on MTM ..... and I think the butterflies will take AGES to be stitched. Carol, how did you mange to stitch them up that fast?????? I didn't even finished ONE!

Woooowooo and 1 and a half more squares on DT's Gamboard Sampler. That's my first .....let's say: boring DT design. But if I stitch every now and then on it I will finish it someday....... ;-)

And now I'm off watching TV with DH and START SOMETHING NEW!!!!!!

Thanks for your comments! I love reading them!!!!! Please don't stop commenting :-)

Monday, December 19, 2005

All the beading is done :-) The big disc beads in the tree look as if the would glow. But that's only because of the cameras flashlight :-) I started to prepare it for hemstitching. I want it to be finished as a bellpull.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I added a few pearls to CHS and made some stitches on MTM. Hihi, look on the upper left corner...I couldn't stop myself from starting part 3. But with the still missing Gloriana threads there's not much left to stitch on part 2

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm so happy! This morning we had the first bit of snow. When DH went out to scrape ice off the windscreen he took three pictures. It continued snowing the whole day so it is even more white outside. :-) But I think tomorrow it's melted away...

I'm still sewing on the beads to Christmas Heirloom Sampler but I will do a few stitches on Medieval Town Mandala tonight.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hardanger is completed!!!

Thank you for all the nice comments on my Hardanger pics!!!! They motivated me so much!!!

There wasn't much stitching and internet time for me the last days. Nicolaus came to our babygroup on Wednesday and after that hubby and I went to a christmas party of our runninggroup. Thursday and Friday were booked out with similar dates.... Here's a pic of my Christmas Heirloom Sampler from Wednesday. Hardanger is completely done and it wasn't as difficult as I thought. My fear wasn't necessary at all :-)

I started to add the beads, lazy daisies and colonial knots from the bottom to the top. Maybe I can show a picture this evening. The only thing we have to do today is going shopping to buy some food and afterwards having dinner at my MIL.

Becky I'm sad that you have problems with some of the bands and would love to help you if I can but I'm not sure how to help you.... If you want me to help you please let me know!!!!!

Now I go and have a look on some blogs and leave some comments :-)))

Saturday, December 03, 2005

As you see, it seems as if I will get the hearts done without problems. It was even a bit of fun to do the wrapped bars with dove's :-) But I'm sure Hardanger will not be my favorite needlework in the future ;-)

Friday, December 02, 2005

No excuses any more ... smile to Anne :-))) All the algerian eyelets and foursided stitches are done. Now I have to start cutting the first threads. Please, keep your fingers crossed for me.
Hei Cindy, maybe you're right and it is really fun .... but I will decide this when the Hardanger is done ;-)