Sunday, September 02, 2012

Back Home

Thanks you Cindy! I got to do some STASH shopping in Edmonton :) Craft Connection is such a wonderful store. Lots of goodies and things to admire. I probably should have taken a picture but I was so busy exploring everything that I forgot....

I took a couple WIP's for the trip but my old Permin Sampler prooved to be the easiest to stitch on in the truck. The 28ct linen and the stitching with 1 thread of HF thread made it really easy.

I had it listed in my post of stitching goals for 2011 but as so many things in there I never put any stitches in it. So this is where I picked up stitching:

And here is how it looks now. This will definitely be my travel WIP and so finally get a chance to be finished some day....just wish we would travel more. LOL

And a close up of the area I was stitching on:
I wrote my 2nd BCIT exam just after work on my last day of work and got the good news while being on vacation....I passed YAY!!! Now I have to apply to write the provincial exams. I hope to do them both on one day. If I get really lucky I could pass them at once. Which would save me at least 3 months. But that is quite optimistic. So I better get back to studying now that I am back home.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We are travelling.... Edmonton, Fort McMurray and....where else? We haven't decided yet. :) The water slides in the mall for the kids, oil sands tour in Fort McMurray for Greg and me and maybe a nice cross stitch store as well? Does anybody know of a good cross stitch store in this area? Please leave a comment if you do. Thanks so much :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Update on Susan and...

I spent a lot of time studying and whenever I decided I have had enough I picked up the needle :) so this is where I am now ....

...and since I wrote my exam (2 more to go) on Thursday, I decided I deserve a little treat and gathered some threads and linen for a new start:

I am not used to stitching with 2 threads anymore and it is giving me a hard time. I even thought about stitching over one on the 32ct. But I don't think it would be a good idea on black... Does any company produce a good 40ct black linen? Any recommendations? That would make it a lot easier for me.

Please keep your fingers crossed for my exam last week - I still don't have the results back....

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Hello all,
I am still alive and kickin' :) I just wish I was more stitching, but I am still with Susan Rambo if I ever get my stitching out. And I love every minute I get to spend with her. As you can see she didn't grow too much though.
I have to change my profile now to 40 something. From 29 - 30 wasn't bad, but now from 39 - 40 wasn't as easy for me. Now that it is over with, it seems as if it wasn't worth all the worries :) But even though I hardly find stitching time, I couldn't resist buying a belated birthday present for myself when Karen finally put another sale up. I was waiting for that to happen for quite a while and just in case you want to know, I am sure the sale is still one or two more days going on..... :p Now Ann Dale 1827 from Shakespeare's Peddler in shape of the whole kit including silks and fabric is on its way to Canada and I can't wait for her to show up - it seems true that girls are always late.... LOL

Sunday, March 18, 2012

There was no stitching going on last year anymore. :( Somehow live always seems to get in the way. And I am also not finished with my studies for Power Engineering. So there is still not too much stitching time. But I find, that I can concentrate better on my studying if I also get some stitching time in between...I consider that good news. LOL
I found that out, when I was so frustrated with some of my studying that I reached out for the needle :) and finished Hallow Eden at the end of February:

Hallow Eden - Plum Street Sampler
2011-08-06 - 2012-02-20
stitched on Vintage River Willow
by Lakeside Linens
using the recommended CC floss

In real live the fabric is a nice green tone and not the blue-ish grey my phone makes it look like.
I still haven't framed it yet. Hope to do that too. Maybe I can get a better picture then.
It seems like the finished pieces are piling up and get neglected then...

Since then I put some more stitches in Susan Rambo. I have to take a picture yet and show it to you soon