Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Goodbye :-)

Now I'm switching off the computer and we're leaving tomorrow for a 3 weeks vacation to the Baltic Sea.
Cathy, I worked on the Sampler Gameboard on sunday but no new pic now. Of course, I'll work on it on sundays during our holiday and I'll show a picture when we are back home.

Hopefully, I'll have to show some more stitching pics then :-)))

Have a good time my dear friends :-)
And this is the second exchange I received last week while having this bad cold. It arrived two days after Outi's mail. I think it was thursday. It's Melanie's Exchange from PattiNH. Thank you so much to Patti. Isn't it just stunning? I really love this finishing technique and hope Patti will let me know how it is called. And the Chart she added....WOHOOO!!! It was on wishlist :-)))) You really spoilt me! Thank you so much!
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And a big sorry to Outi for writing Outi from Norway.... of curse, it isn't Norway but FINLAND!!!! Land-of-Lordi :-)))
When I wrote the post there was a little voice in my head telling me that I made a mistake but I didn't find it....

Monday, May 22, 2006

While I had this very bad cold last week I received two wonderful exchanges. The first one in the mail was from dear Outi from Norway. For sure you remember that she's my adoptee with the SBEBB's Adopt a Stitcher program. She stitched this oh so lovely scissors fob for me. Thank you so much ! I really love it :-) She spoilt me so...... she as well sent a chart and the needed linen band, a card making set and a very springy colored linen called Spring ;-) Thank you so much for this wonderful gift! It was the second mail I received from Outi and I can tell you I'm so glad with Outi being my adoptee :-)))))

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hello, it's me again :-) Thank you Cathy and Carol for your thoughts. I was so much on the way since my last post. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Lisa and me were off to the toddlers group and nearly every of the other workdays one mom and her little boy visited us.
DH and I signed up for Berlin Marathon in september and now I'm struggling to find some time for stitchng beneath gardening and running....
Last Sunday I wrote a long post in a word document to put it up when finished. I didn't hit the save button and when DH was on the computer during my absence he made a mistake deleted it. I wasn't able to get it back *grrrr *
I stitched a bit on GBS the 2 last sundays:

And I finished the second one of A Prairie Christmas Ornaments by Prairie Schooler. This should have been finished since february.... Actually you can not see the thread from star to star this is just visual on the scan.

And I started the 3rd one: