Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Carol , I would love to stitch Deftly Wrought as a SAL with you. When do you think we should start stitching on this one? Do you prefer to finish one of your other SAL's first?

Last week Manuela visited me from thursday to Saturday. We had planned to stitch on Catherine Agnes. But when Manuela was here she offered to stitch 5 squares on DT's Sampler Gameboard and I'll have to finish her Catherine Agnes. And as usual I was persuaded by hee :-) .
The next sunday progress pics on Sampler Gameboard can be visited on Manuelas blog.
This is my CA:

And this one is Manuela's CA:

During the past week I made a bit of progress on this Christmas Sampler. I changed the colors to the traditional red. The original used a variety of rose shades.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blogger didn't allow me to tell the complete story yesterday..... About half an hour later after stitching a bit more, I went upstairs doing a bit of homework. Hubby had to take care of Lisa, about a quater of an hour later he shouted that I should better come down because Lisa made some mess with my stitching.... :-( She found some scissors as well and this was what it was looking like then:

I cut another piece of linen and started again the same evening. I had to restitch the ruined piece and use the threads again because there are not so many threads in VS's accessory packs.
Now I have the new one stitched as much as the first one was when Lisa got it in her little hands.
Cindy, yes, I have seen the freebie pattern and I like it very much. Maybe I'll stitch it some time as well.

Monday, August 28, 2006

I started Gingerbread Garden Sampler by Victoria Sampler saturday in the evening. And this is what it looked like sunday in the afternoon:

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Birthday Gift and House Exchange

I received a lovely belated birthdaygift from Carol. She sent me the chart "Deftly Wrought" by Midsummer Night Designs. And I like it so much. I never heard of MND before but I will look for more of their designs. :-) She also sent the needed fabric for it. You spoilt me so much.....Thank you very much, Carol!!!!!
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And I received even more wonderful things..... My House exchange with SBEBB was in the mail. Paula was my exchange partner. She sent this wonderful pillow and and piece of fabric she used for the back. So I can make a companion house pillow for myself ;-) There was a nice chart by Drawn Thread with it as well. It’s one of my favorites. Thank you so much, Paula. I love the things you’ve sent me!!!!

I just found out that my exchange partner Karoline got hers as well. This is what I stitched for her:

It’s called 1831 Pincushion by The Goode Huswife. But I made a few changes :-)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Finally I put the backstitches in the chimney. It took nearly 2 hours ....though you can't even see them, they are there ;-)

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This is how the complete ABC is looking now.

The next one to stitch on it is Manuela. We are going to meet each other next week when she's back from her holidays. We want to visit our (not so) Local Needleworkshop. Maybe I can find a nice frame for my Quaker Garden. ;-)

This is the other project I put some stitches in. I started this one a few weeks ago and plan to stitch every month a little piece on it.

Monday, August 07, 2006

In my last post I missed to thank CathyL, Cathy, Carol, Moune, Annemiek and Lynn for their caring words about my dad. They meant so much to me!!!! Thank you!

I'm so happy I had some time yesterday to get out my Sampler Gameboard and put some stitches on it. Not much progress....better less than nothing:

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I can't wait to see Cathy's Sampler Gameboard. Cathy, are there still some more people stitching on this one with us?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dad is still in hospital. And I'm going to visit him in the afternoon.
Today in the morning DH brought Lisa to her granny (his mom) and we both went out for a run with some friends. I'm not as fit as a fiddle and so I took a shortcut and ran only 10km instead as the others 30km. When Dereks comes home we are going to pick up Lisa at her granny and having lunch together.
Now I'm back home way earlier, had a shower, made a cup of cappuccino and bowl of soup and heading off for my sofa to do some stitches on DT's Sampler Gameboard....lucky me :-)
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