Saturday, September 10, 2011

I wasn't too sure about the colours when I just laid them flat out on the linen before I started stitching, but now I absolutely love the colours of Hallow Eden.

Beginning of August I finished Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler. I will put it in my pile of wrapped up finished things for now. Somehow I don't like to do the framing. I guess I am just a little scared to do it, since it will probably be quite difficult to get it straight in there....if I only had couple more hands. That would make it easier :)

Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler - Shakespeare's Peddler
40ct vintage pearled Barley
2011-01-30 - 2011-08-06

Monday, September 05, 2011

Lisa woke up early this morning - of course! Why just can't little kids enjoy a Holdiay by sleeping in??? ;)

Since everybody else was still sleeping we both went for a little run. She is so cute when she tries to do some sports with me... Oh Mommy, see, I got some big muscles already, lifting her little fist and shaking her skinny arms at me. LOL

It is already lunchtime so I better wake everybody up, so that we can enjoy the nice and sonny day with a bike ride.

Leave you with the not really visible progress from yesterday:

Sunday, September 04, 2011

It is crazy how fast time goes by! We went for family visits to Germany in June and now summer is nearly over. Temperatures in the early mornings are below 10 degrees Celsius now but at least usually raise up to the mid twenties during the day.

I was admiring Hallow Eden on other stitchers blog for quite a while ... I finally gave in and ordered the chart and threads. Luckily I found the exact right fabric in my stash :)

I started about three weeks ago and this is how far I got:

I tried to activate mobile blogposts from my Blackberry but couldn't get it registered. Pretty frustrating! Would have bin so nice and easy to do... Does anybody have experienced any problems?