Sunday, March 18, 2012

There was no stitching going on last year anymore. :( Somehow live always seems to get in the way. And I am also not finished with my studies for Power Engineering. So there is still not too much stitching time. But I find, that I can concentrate better on my studying if I also get some stitching time in between...I consider that good news. LOL
I found that out, when I was so frustrated with some of my studying that I reached out for the needle :) and finished Hallow Eden at the end of February:

Hallow Eden - Plum Street Sampler
2011-08-06 - 2012-02-20
stitched on Vintage River Willow
by Lakeside Linens
using the recommended CC floss

In real live the fabric is a nice green tone and not the blue-ish grey my phone makes it look like.
I still haven't framed it yet. Hope to do that too. Maybe I can get a better picture then.
It seems like the finished pieces are piling up and get neglected then...

Since then I put some more stitches in Susan Rambo. I have to take a picture yet and show it to you soon