Monday, March 21, 2011

It is so much fun to stitch....but I have to make sure, that I don't neglect Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler since it is not too far from being finished anymore.
I am just wondering what I am doing wrong taking the pictures. The colours don't look like this in reality at all...

Susan is here

I couldn't stand the temptation any longer and started Susan Rambo. I just can't catch a good picture of her. I am stitching her on R&R Saltmarsh Green, but it doesn't look green at all:

Hopefully I will catch a better picture some day. I like her a lot! But she also scares me a lot, because she is so big....

Sunday it snowed all day long ... and the forecast shows snow storm warning for tomorrow with 30-50 cm's of even more snow. The weather fairie doesn't seem impressed at all that the calendar shows springtime already. :(

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I made quite a bit less progress than I was hoping for during the last week. But there is so much going on always after work...
Anyways, only the house and the fill in stitches on the top left side are left.
Maybe I should reward myself with a new start ....I just don't think I have any more patience left over to wait till this one is finished. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Susan Rambo

is sitting on the table right in front of me and staring at me ;) Seems to motivate me quite a bit, can you tell? :

Still lots of snow around here. It looks really nice but unfortunately it is VERY cold... So not a good idea to spend a lot time outside...

Otherwise not much going on here, so I hope to get a bit more stitching done tonight. See you later...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I am going crazy....

It was a busy week again and the evenings were not very productive at least not in the meaning of stitching.

On Wednesday I got some free tickets for the game of our local ice hockey team at work. Unfortunately that was the game they did not win after a long series of wins...
Anyways: Go...Wheat Kings...Go!!! :)

I just put a few stitches in the top left and 2 more tombstones:

Browsing blogs I got so excited to see some stitchers starting on these very big and beautyful samplers, that I couldn't stop myself from gathering all the materials for Susan Rambo after I got my copy of the SANQ in the mail on Friday night. Not sure how long I can withstand the temptation to start her. I should really know better....I plan on stitching her with DMC on 40ct R&R Salmarsh Green. It is a real nice soft green/grey but I couldn't catch the colour with my camera. I haven't stitched with DMC in a long, long time, so that will be a nice change. Two of the colours in the list didn't seem quite right when I compared them to the picture in SANQ so I exchanged those to what I thought looks more like what's used in the sampler.

...And I fell in love with Ann Grant from Shakespeare's Peddler. That's not quite right though...I fell in love with her the first time I saw her on the SP's blog. But now seeing Nicole's and Deb's start on her I HAVE to order the chart and thread pack. Have you seen it??? - Just beautiful! So as soon as that package is gonna show up here we can expect me to go crazy again and add to my already big number of WIP's. But stitching is supposed to be fun, isn't it??? ;)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Can you see the difference?....LOL

The week has just begun and I feel burned out already. My coworker is on holidays for a little over a week now and work is absolutely crazy since she's gone. Can't wait for her to come back. Enough whining for now... ;)

It looks like I didn't get too much stitching time after my blog post anymore. Hopefully more today. It is not even worth to post a pic...LOL

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hello again...

...long time no see....

Somehow everything else seemed more important than blogging lately....or should I better admit that I was too lazy to blog and THAT made other things look more important. LOL

I am not great at stitching repetetive motifs and I had a hard time on the border. It took me FFOREVER! Since I finished that, I enjoy every minute stitching Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler.

Renae: No, I am not using the limited edition Sampler Threads. I just purchased the chart no too long ago and at that time all the limited edition threads were sold out already. But I really like the "normal" sampler threads, too.
Courtney: Thanks for telling me. I ordered a second skein right away - but still haven't received it yet. That's another reason why I was so eager to finish the border first. I hope it doesn't matter too much if I switch to a different dye lot in the center on one of the motifs...

I also put at least a few stitches into the Crazy Christmas Trees. The bright colours make it a fun stitch. Especially since I finally found the gold fiber that, I thought got lost, but was just hiding in my stash :) This is my favourite gold since it is so smooth and easy to stich... It is silk but looks like the other gold threads (Kreinik etc) but so much easier and more fun to stitch.

Here's a picture even though the progress is not crazy big...

Many thanks to Terri for this wonderful chart. She had a giveaway before she moved her blog....and I won it... yay! I absolutely adore this chart! I am considering stitching the girls dresses in a different colour though. What do you think?