Sunday, September 04, 2005

This Shall Too Pass

stitching is done today. :-) and I like it very much how it turned out. Now I have to buy some fabric for the lining. But I don't know if I will get one before leaving to the baltic sea. By the way the wheather is very fine at the moment :-) I hope it will not change during our two weeks holiday......

I read the sewing instructions but I'm not sure if I understood everything. I have a few sewing experience so I will get it done anyway.....I hope so ;-)


Anonymous said...
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KarenV said...

Sabine, it looks beautiful! I love the colour you chose.

I've been browsing through your blog and I think we have similar tastes in designs; I've stitched Random Thoughts and I've got Summer Sizzle Book on my wishlist :)

I've blogrolled you so that I can visit again!