Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thank you so much for your kind words to my dad's health problems. Unfortunately they told us today that they think there must be more than that. But they don't know what it can be by now.... :-(

Last sunday I stitched 2 squares and two letters. So this is what my Gameboard Sampler looks like now: Posted by Picasa

During our holiday I stitched my third A Prairie Christmas Ornament. I like stitching these small Prairie Schooler pieces very much. They are a quick fun stitch.

All the cross stiching on the chimney on Ilse's ABC RR is done but I forgot the instructions for the backstitches so I have to do them now at home.

And here is an update of another big fun project. Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose. It's a bit tricky but entertaining :-)


Von said...

Bine, I do hope your dear father will soon receive a complete diagnosis and that he'll be back to normal quickly!

It's wonderful to see CA again! I really must stitch this one someday. :D

handgemacht said...

Du machst wirklich schöne Sachen. Die fertige Catherine Agnes hab ich schon mal bei Romy bewundert. Diese Ecken, für die man sich dem Stoff mit der Schere nähern muß, stelle ich mir ziemlich kniffelig vor, und ich bin schon gespannt, was Du darüber berichtest. (Hoffentlich verstehe ich das dann auch! ;-))

Für Deinen Vater wünsche ich baldige Klärung und natürlich auch, daß man ihm helfen kann!

Ach ja: Schön, daß Du wieder da bist, weil ich nun wieder bei Dir gucken kommen kann!
Herzlichen Gruß, Barbara

Concetta said...

Your Catherine Agnes is so stunning! If I could over come my fear of taking scissors to fabric I would do this one in a heartbeat. ;) Your daughter is beautiful - what an infectious smile she has. I hope your dad will be OK.

artystitches said...

I love the Indigo Rose design very pretty.

AnneS said...

Here's hoping they find out what is wrong with your Dad quickly so they can get to work fixing it :) Your CA is gorgeous - I really must stitch that one day ... every time I see someone stitching it I get the urge - one day I'll have to stop resisting ;)

Coral said...

Where did you buy CA from? I want it, but my usual suppliers don't have it. I have it on my ebay, but no one seems to sell!!

Yours is beautiful and is the reason I want to do it!

Cathy said...

Your DT Game Board Sampler looks awesome. You must be more than half way finished! I just posted an updated picture tonight too - I made good progress this past Sunday.

Hope your dad is doing better....