Sunday, October 01, 2006

Last weekend (friday till monday) we spent in Berlin. It was the marathon weekend. We were 10 persons from our sportsgroup that travelled there by train. Due to my dad beeing in hospital in summer for such a long time I wasn't be able to run the whole distance. I knew this before starting but I paid the fee so I wanted to run a few kilometres at least. It was a big fun.

The wee one ;-) on the left is me. Right to me is DH.

DH in front of a Berlin Marathon poster.

We stayed at Hotel Gates and I can just recommend this Hotel to you. It's really good! On Sunday evening I visited Gabriele a fellow stitcher living in Berlin :-) We had a nice evening in her craftroom....

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Lee said...

Wow! A marathon! That's awesome! I'll bet it was great fun.