Friday, January 05, 2007

And here is my progress on And A Forest Grew. It is so much fun to stitch and there are a lot more color changes as you realize looking at the picture...but as said before: IT'S JUST FUN!
I did not stitch as much as Carol did, she's such a speedy stitcher :-)

Unfortunately ;-) I have to put it aside and take out my DT Sampler Gameboard to stitch my 2 weekly squares as agreed with my SAL friends

By the way, did you see the new Drawn Thread Designs? They are a must have!


Carol said...

Looks fantastic! I agree, it is too much fun!

Katrina said...

I have And A Forest Grew in my stash, seeing your progress makes me realize how pretty it is! I am also doing the DT Sampler Game Board stitchalong.

sie tut es auch said...

das sieht ja schon sehr schön aus.
bleib weiterhin so fleißig ;o))

Anja´s Wunschpunsch said...

das Muster Toccata gefällt mir besonders gut. Ist mal was anderes als Kreuzstich.


Cathy said...

Beautiful progress on And a Forest Grew. I'm off to stitch my two squares!!!

Karoline said...

Great progress on And A Forest Grew, it's looking lovely