Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We had a wonderful warm and sunny Canada Day yesterday. The temperature was about 30 degrees Celsius and there was no cloud in the sky.
Today it looks as it will be as nice as yesterday but the forecast says it will only be 21 C. I'm pretty sure they are wrong :) ....we will see.

I put some stitches in Heirloom Homecoming during the last weeks and like it so much. The colours on the picture are very poor. Hopefully I can take a better picture the next time.

I'm off to work now. See you soon......


Sharon said...

This is a gorgeous piece!

Nadelfee said...

...die verschiedenen stiche machen das sticken nie langweilig. es gefällt mir sehr gut.

Rosa said...

I love this one, could you tell me who is the designer? Your blog is so lovely! Thanksemmi5ca@yahoo dot com