Sunday, December 05, 2010

Challenges 2011 ?!?!?

Have you seen the The Crazy January 2011 Challenge?

I don't think that is something I should consider ... or even know about...LOL.

But maybe I should:

- gather all my WIP's
- take a picture of them
- post it
- and pick, let's say seven of them to finish in 2011
- I could reward myself for each finish with a new project of about ornament size or a little bigger ... something I will really be able to finish right away

This is probably more the kind of challenge I should tackle. What do you think?


Jan said...

Dear Bine....a lot of bloggers feel the same way as you do and I am one of them!

There is a challenge made just for us! Go here:

Hope to see you there!

Julie said...

That's a good idea too! I'm still trying to decide if I'm crazy enough to tackle the challenge or not....

zoomcity said...

That's a sane idea, at least! When I read about that challenge, I get nervous thinking about my WIPs, and I know I don't want 15 more! lol

Anonymous said...

Hallo Bine,

Gott sei Dank hört man wieder was von dir.
Habe oft an dich gedacht!!!!
Wir kennen uns aus Langenzenn bei Kimmy´s Sticktreffen!

Schaue oft in deinem Blog vorbei.

Wünsche noch eine schöne Adventszeit!

Martina F.
aus Südtirol/Italien