Sunday, March 18, 2012

There was no stitching going on last year anymore. :( Somehow live always seems to get in the way. And I am also not finished with my studies for Power Engineering. So there is still not too much stitching time. But I find, that I can concentrate better on my studying if I also get some stitching time in between...I consider that good news. LOL
I found that out, when I was so frustrated with some of my studying that I reached out for the needle :) and finished Hallow Eden at the end of February:

Hallow Eden - Plum Street Sampler
2011-08-06 - 2012-02-20
stitched on Vintage River Willow
by Lakeside Linens
using the recommended CC floss

In real live the fabric is a nice green tone and not the blue-ish grey my phone makes it look like.
I still haven't framed it yet. Hope to do that too. Maybe I can get a better picture then.
It seems like the finished pieces are piling up and get neglected then...

Since then I put some more stitches in Susan Rambo. I have to take a picture yet and show it to you soon


Margaret said...

Good luck with the studying and stitching. Love your Hallow Eden finish!

Anonymous said...


I love your finish.

Good luck with your studies.

Happy stitching.

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Love your finish. So glad you found comfort in stitching. CJ in Ok ;-)

Nicole said...

Congrats on the finish! It turned out great!! :)

Anne said...

Such a lovely finish! Good luck with the studying. I know it doesn't leave you much time for pleasure, but it's good to hear you got a little stitching in to release the stress!!

Jackie said...

I love the fabric you've chosen for Hallow Eden. I stitched this last year and enjoyed every stitch.

Anonymous said...

Hallo/Hello Bine,
ich nehme mal an Du sprichst auch Deutsch :)
Deine Stickarbeiten sind so schön. Alles super toll gestickt.Ich sticke ebenfalls sehr gerne.
Meine Familie ist auch nach Canada ausgewandert.

I guess at times you speak German too.
Your embroidery is so beautiful. Stitched all super nice.I also embroider.
My family also emigrated to Canada.

Best wishes from Karin/Germany

Kimmy said...

Huhu Bine,

ich hoffe euch geht es gut in Canada. Denken oft an dich und Langenzenn zurück. Hoffen euch geht es gut und drücke dir die Daumen für Studium. Meld dich mal wenn du Luft hast.
Lg Kimmy und Hansi

Beertje Zonn said...

Beautiful is your work