Sunday, October 02, 2005

Halloweeeeeeeeeen .......

Thanks to KarenV, Cathy and BeckySC for their nice comments on my last post. I love to read the comments :-) Becky, would you mind to send me a link to a pic of your finished bumblebee button box?

From Wednesday 09/28 to Friday 09/30 I stitched this cute little Holiday Halloween by Drawn Thread and I plan to stitch Holiday Thanks this month.

Does anybody want to trade these Drawn Thread Designs: Holiday Tree, Holiday Hearts and Holiday Wreath ? I would love to make them as well but I don't have them in my stash yet..... :-(((

Friday in the evening Martina Weber send an email with the password for the first part of the Medieval Town Mandala and I immediately started stitching.... Unfortunately I'm still waiting for 3 Gloriana Threads to arrive and one of them is needed in the first part :-(


Cathy said...

Hi Sabine - very cute Halloween design. How do you think you will finish it?

Sorry, can't help you on the Drawn Thread designs. I don't have those either!

Carol said...

Nice to meet you! Thanks for the comment in my blog! It will be fun to stitch MTM with you :-) I bought my kit from European XS and therefore have the Gloriana silks... must be frustrating to be waiting still! Yikes! I think I have Holiday Hearts... will check when I get home tonight and let you know :-)

KarenV said...

Sabine, your Halloween piece is really cute :)