Saturday, October 08, 2005

Part 6 and 7 of our CHS SAL are done.

Thanks to Carol! She helped me to find out why my MTM looks different to all the others... The bricks behind the fontain are two different colors but symbols look so similar that I didn't realized that there are two colors needed :-(((. Unfortunately it's too late to frog it because I sew some threads behind it.... Today I was so annoyed that I didn't stitch even one stitch on MTM.


Cathy said...
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Cathy said...

This is looking good! I also want to tell you how beautiful your scissors keep is - This Too Shall Pass. I tried to leave a comment the other night, but blogger was unavailable.

Happy Stitching!

Carol said...

Aw, Sabine - don't let it get you down! Yours is still gorgeous - and you have made it your own, and that counts for a lot! Please don't let it get you too frustrated! It's really not your fault - Martina did make those two symbols look very similar to each other (though she surely did not do that on purpose, of course). Meanwhile.... your VS sampler is also just stunning!!!!!! If I could ever bring myself to buy the pricey embellishment pack for that one, I would love to stitch it too!