Monday, February 13, 2006

And again not much stitching time for me. I don't know why there is few spare time for me the last weeks... This is my progress on Saturday.

On sunday I took out my Gameboard Sampler for the sunday SAL with Cathy.....but there was even less stitching time for me than on saturday :-((( I only stitched a few more letters on the top border.

And now I 'm back stitching on MTM - no chance to catch up to Carol :-( Hei Carol, you did a great job on yours :-))))


Susimac said...

Game board is looking really nice and your Chatelaine is coming along nicely too.

What a wonderful gift you received from your echange,

Myrna said...

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Your Chatelaine stitching is beautiful! I have never tried one of the large mysteries. I did get all the gemstone mini ones, but, have never started them. (not enough confidence in my ability yet!)

You also received some lovely gifts!

Thanks again...

Myrna :-)

Cathy said...

Hey Bine, at least you took yours out on Sunday! I must admit, I didn't feel like working on it on Sunday, but I'll get a couple squares stitched sometime this week!