Monday, February 27, 2006

MTM part 5 HALF DONE!!!!

I've finished the second corner on MTM :-)))) Unfortunately the month is nearly over and I stitched only half of part 5 :-(

While Manuela and Margret were here on saturday Manuela and I stitched on Cahterine Agnes. Until Manuela left on sunday I stitched 4 and a half spots. They are very exciting to stitch :-)

This night it started snowing again ( the last days we had around 6 to 8 degrees Celsius so it was nearly spring)
That's the view from my computer window 2 hours ago:

Again, I didn't stitch on Sunday the Sampler Gameboard SAL with Cathy, so I'm going to stitch on this one today.... Cathy, did you stitch yesterday????

I found out that AnneS received her little belate birthday gift....and I'm so happy that she likes it and as I always fear, that it didn't get lost in the mail..... Of course Anne's email got stuck in my spamfile :-( so she will receive her answer today.


Cathy said...

Hi Bine, the snow looks lovely. Yes, I did stitch on Game Board Sampler yesterday -only one square though. I may pull it out again tonight and stitch another one; I've been trying to do two squares each week. I'll post a pic tonight!

Sylvie said...

Your Catherine Agnes piece is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Carol said...

Hi Bine - Congratulations on finishing half of part 5 - I think it will still give you a good starting off point for whatever Martina gives us next :-)

Oh, Catherine Agnes looks wonderful!!!!!!!!

Your snow looks so much like mine - about 4-5" of the stuff, I would guess? It is super, super cold here this week, though. It has been so mild all winter. Come on spring! I can't wait to turn the calendar page over when I leave the office tomorrow afternoon!!

Nadelfee said...

Liebe Sabine,
Du bist ja Turbo schnell, meine Güte ist das schön ich gratuliere Dir zu Deinem schönen Sampler.
Was hast Du denn da neues angefangen? Das sieht sehr interessant aus.
Liebe Grüße Sonja-Maria

Rachael said...

Hi Bine,
Looks just like at my house. Dani said you live pretty close to me. I live in Everswinkel- perhaps the three of us can get together. I would love to see your stitching in real life.

Von said...

What a beautiful view! Looks so peaceful with the blanket of snow. :)
Your stitching projects are just gorgeous, Bine!

AnneS said...

Sure did love my prezzie - still can't get over your generous gift :) Your Catherine Agnes looks wonderful and your MTM is coming along quickly ... I just adore those turquoise corners, thought they must be really boring to stitch. Thanks heaps again, my friend :)) {{hugs}}