Sunday, April 05, 2009

What a crazy week

we had. We were so busy. I think we did not spend one single evening at home. But I spent an awesome weekend with Janice Routley and the girls. :) Designer Janice Routley came from Regina to teach us her Shore Birds in goldwork. She is an awesome teacher and we learned A LOT. I have to admit I was moaning a lot ( is that the right expression for making sounds like aaarrgh and uuuuuhhh?) because I missed the holes in the fabric :) And sometimes it was quite difficult to push the needle through the material but I was enjoying it so much! And I think everybody else was, too. We were 13 learners plus Janice. She is such a wonderful teacher and has a sense of humour which made it even more fun. Thank you so much Janice!!!!
This was my first workshop but for sure not my last one.

In this picture you can see Janice showing a few of us how to do it:

from left to right: Anna, Janice, Marian, Paula and Carol.
And just before the end of the class Janice did a little lacing workshop and showed us some how to do the lacing for pictures and ornaments. It looked a lot easier than what I had seen before. We will see if my fingers will do that at least half as easily as Janices...... ;)

I just want to Janice for this wonderful weekend. THANK YOU, Janice. You are awesome!

If I look at it I can't believe that this is all I got done in two days workshop from 8am to 4pm....OK, we had a few brakes but I was stitching concentrated (most of) the rest of the time. :) That what looks black in the picture is gold kid leather that we stitched on the ultra suede. It will keep me busy a lot longer as my little sensitive fingers LOL feel a bit sore after pushing the needle through the fabric.

While I had a good time stitching Lisa and Derek had a father daughter weekend and went to the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair. At least they had a good time, too.

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my blog. I will return the visits within the next days...we will hopefully not as busy as the last week.
WOW, I think this can be considered my longest post ever.


marian d said...

Yes, the workshop was wonderful! We are so fortuante to have Carol organise it all for us. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the project.

CindyMae said...

The workshop looks and sounds like it was just awesome! Glad that you enjoyed your weekend! Sounds like Lisa and Derek had a good time as well!

Deb said...

It sounds like the workshop was a great experience. Can't wait to see more of your progress on this project! Hope you get more stitching time in this week!