Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Road Trip

My new job will start on Friday and Greg came off his set of night shifts yesterday morning. By the time he arrived at home I had everything packed up for a road trip to North Dakota. So he got in the passenger seat and off we went.

Devils Lake was where we were headed yesterday. We stayed the night at the Spirit Lake Casino Resort and had a nice suite overlooking the lake....we will definitely have to come back in the summer time to enjoy the view with water:

Here a different direction with cottages and RV park, also a part of the casino resort

Luckily gambling isn't for us. Since being in a casino we hat to at least give it a try but 10 minutes were enough for us so we just went to enjoy the food and the whirlpool.

Today we're probably heading to Fargo.....do I need to tell you guys what's on my list of things to do there? Of course my first ever visit to the Nordic Needle. I am so excited! I got their catalogs in the mail when I still lived in Germany and now I will actually get to go there. Hope there will still be enough funds for a hotel room on my credit card when I walk out of the store. LOL

And off to enjoy another wonderful stitching day.... Bine :)


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Sounds like a lovely trip! I can't wait to see what you purchase!

Margaret said...

It's nice that you're fitting in a nice vacation before you start your new job. Have fun at Nordic Needle! I always think of them as an online store, not a brick and mortar shop. lol!

CJ in OK ;-) said...

So great that you are getting a little vacation in before you start your new job. CJ in OK