Sunday, April 23, 2006

After Manuela arrived on Friday we drank a cup of coffee and ate a piece of apple cake with cream she bought in the Netherlands where she spent a few days with her hubby after their wedding. It was so yummiiiiieh :-) While we ate Lisa had a lot of fun playing with her shute.

Then we drove to Paderborn to buy the fabric we needed for the boxes. It took much more time than we thougt because Manuela bought a lovely skirt and of course, we had to look for shoes and a top to wear with it..... As you can imagine this took a lot of time. When we came home we were so tired that we had to chill out on the sofa the rest of the evening. But on Saturday we started with our boxes. After some hours of puzzling out our boxes look like this now:

Yesterday after Manuela left I stitched some hours on Melanies Exchange (SBEBB) but there are still some more hours stitching and finishing left.

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Von said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Bine. Nice choice of fabric for your boxes!