Monday, April 17, 2006

It's me again ;-)

During the last 10 days I didn't stitch a lot. I was so fed up with MTM that I couldn't force myself to put more stitches in it.

I spent a lof of time reading books. One of them was "Seven Sisters" by Earlene Fowler. I really love these Benny Harper mysteries. There are a lot of funny dialogues that make me laugh out loud. Is there anybody else who likes reading them?

Yesterday when we went to friends for a easter bonfire I took DT's Sampler Gameboard with me to stitch on the way towards and back. And I realized that stitching can be such a fun :-) if you stitch what you want to..... So I decided to put my MTM aside a while and get my other WIP's out. I think this is much better than not to stitch anymore...
We had to drive only half an hour per way and so I didn't make a lot of progress. I will take a picture after my next GBS session :-)

Von remembered me that I still didn't send a pic of Lisa in her red shoes but as I want to upload one right now I realise that I still haven't got a good picture.
But I have a picture of her seeking chocolate Easter eggs yesterday at my parents house wearing her frog rubber boots ;-)

It took me 9 trys to load this picture up. Blogger didn't likes it..... ;-)

Last Thursday we were invited to my dear frind Manuela. She and her Rolf merried. We were caught up in a traffic jam and arrived too late at the civil registry office :-(((( But that was the only bad thing that happened and it was a really wonderful day.


Cathy said...

Bine, you are going to think I'm crazy, but I'm contemplating starting over on my DT Game Board. I think I would like it better if it was stitched on 32 ct or 36 ct rather than the 25 ct. What fabric are you stitching yours on? Bin ich verrucht??

Crazy Cathy

Carol said...

Lisa's Easter pic is so cute!!!

I sent you an email re: Papillon Creations... please let me know what you think OK... and about Der Feine Faden.. you will know what I mean when you read the email.

I am so sorry MTM is bringing you down.... I sure can relate! Martina really did make it a chore for us lately!

I love Manuela's hair!

Von said...

Hurray! A sweet picture of little Lisa. :D Thank you for posting it. Looks like a little rain didn't ruin the fun!
I don't know why Blogger takes so long to load photos sometimes - argh!
My 18yo dd colored her hair Sunday afternoon a very similar color of red to your friend Manuela! :D
Glad you have set aside MTM for awhile and are working on some other things and reading. I have to set aside some things to do yardwork, lol!

sie tut es auch said...

und sooo schöne stiefel hat das kind ;o))
ist das bild bei euren eltern gemacht? bei deinen?