Monday, August 07, 2006

In my last post I missed to thank CathyL, Cathy, Carol, Moune, Annemiek and Lynn for their caring words about my dad. They meant so much to me!!!! Thank you!

I'm so happy I had some time yesterday to get out my Sampler Gameboard and put some stitches on it. Not much progress....better less than nothing:

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I can't wait to see Cathy's Sampler Gameboard. Cathy, are there still some more people stitching on this one with us?


Tempus fugit said...

I've just completed it ! It's so gorgeous !

Carol said...

Oh Bine! Your gameboard is moving along quickly now! Very nice!

Cathy said...

Good question Bine! It seems like everyone has taken a break from stitching Game Board sampler (including myself). I'll have to check in with some of the others like Lelia and Myrna!

Glad you had some time to work on yours - it looks great!

Anonymous said...

I have had such fun watching your gameboard come alive. I've just begun this sampler and am having such fun with it. I'll continue to watch your progress and drool...while I'm ripping out part of mine due to a mistake. GRRRRR

Lelia said...

yes, I pulled my sampler out yesterday -- working on another house square.

you are very far along ... it looks wonderful :D

Anonymous said...

where is this pattern?? I love it and you are doing a wonderful job. gb