Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dad is still in hospital. And I'm going to visit him in the afternoon.
Today in the morning DH brought Lisa to her granny (his mom) and we both went out for a run with some friends. I'm not as fit as a fiddle and so I took a shortcut and ran only 10km instead as the others 30km. When Dereks comes home we are going to pick up Lisa at her granny and having lunch together.
Now I'm back home way earlier, had a shower, made a cup of cappuccino and bowl of soup and heading off for my sofa to do some stitches on DT's Sampler Gameboard....lucky me :-)
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Cathy said...

Sorry to hear that your dad is still in the hospital - will continue to pray for him.

Your Game Board sampler looks great. I haven't pulled mine out for quite a few weeks! I better get busy!