Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blogger didn't allow me to tell the complete story yesterday..... About half an hour later after stitching a bit more, I went upstairs doing a bit of homework. Hubby had to take care of Lisa, about a quater of an hour later he shouted that I should better come down because Lisa made some mess with my stitching.... :-( She found some scissors as well and this was what it was looking like then:

I cut another piece of linen and started again the same evening. I had to restitch the ruined piece and use the threads again because there are not so many threads in VS's accessory packs.
Now I have the new one stitched as much as the first one was when Lisa got it in her little hands.
Cindy, yes, I have seen the freebie pattern and I like it very much. Maybe I'll stitch it some time as well.


Outi said...

Ouch! :(

On a cheerier note: do we see a budding crafter in little Lisa?

Von said...

Glad you were able to rehabilitate the threads! At least you hadn't gotten too far into the project.

Carol said...

Oh my goodness! Glad you were able to manage a restart!!

Cathy said...

Oh dear! It's good that you hadn't gotten very far on that project!

Peg said...

Oh my! My granson used to mess with my stitching when he would come to visit thankfully all he would do was poke the needle thru several time and I had to untangle that. Thank goodnes you were able to salvage the threads.