Sunday, January 30, 2011

2nd finish in 2011 - Rubie Owl's Sampler

Last night, just before bedtime she got finished. Stitched in my favourite colours:

Plum Street Samplers - Rubie Owl's Sampler:

Belle Soie silks

on 36 ct. vintage sand dune by Lakeside Linens

started 2009-07-04

finished 2011-01-29

And the winner of my poll " What should I stitch next?" with 50% of all votes (12 votes LOL) is....... Shakespeare's Peddler - Jenny Bean's Halloween Sampler: to you soon - I am a little bit in a hurry to start this beauty right away. I hope for your understanding :)


Ranae said...

Oh! What a beautiful finish, love it!
I should start my JB, it is all kitted and ready to go,lol
Maybe you will inspire me with your start.
Are you using the limited edition sampler threads?

Melissa said...

Congratulations on the finish! Such lovely colours - I'll have to find out what they are. I've been slowly getting hooked on Belle Soie silks!

Looking forward to seeing your new start!

Courtney said...

there's a good chance you'll need two skeins of the black thread for Jenny Bean, so just make sure you have an extra from the same dye lot!! just looking out for you!


Carol said...

What a lovely finish!! I just love that tiny dog and the way the leaves are charted for the tree.

Glad that JB won out--look forward to watching your progress :)