Monday, January 10, 2011

A "short" weekend

The weekend went by so fast and it seems like the week ahead is super long. I guess I got used to having long weekends and short work weeks during the holidays.
The weekend started with Tobogganing on Friday night. Even though it was pretty cold with the windchill we enjoyed it a lot and spent a little more than 2 hours on the hill. Saturday skating, ice hockey and baking cookies (they were all gone the same night LOL)....and grocery shopping at 10:30PM :( But at least it isn't crowded and shopping doesn't drag out too long.
Sunday ice hockey and skating again and for me finally some stitching time.

The pumpkin is frogged and re-stitched. It was not a lot, I was just a bit moody because I had to frog quite a few times on this little project already....

The little leaves on the 5th tree are smyrna crosses, a nice change from the regular x's.

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Melissa said...

Autumn Arbor is looking lovely. I'm sorry you had the frogs visiting but your perseverance is paying off!