Friday, March 22, 2013

Long time no see....

Slowly I am getting used to my new job and work schedule. I am now working 2 days, 2 nights and then I am 4 days off. That makes the work week so much shorter and I only get to spend one half of the year at work and the other half at
Working as an engineer in a skating and event arena is so much different to what I have done before. But it is quite the fun environment too. Most of the time we have several skating and curling and agricultural arenas and a few event rooms. Now for the Royal Manitoba Winterfair all the ice came out and dirt was put in everywhere for horse jumping and rodeos etc. Lots and lots of stables were built too and when all that is over the ice comes back in until the Mötley Crüe concert. Just too bad that that isn't gonna happen on one of my

Made a bit of progress on Margaret Cottham. Sorry, I didn't take it out of the Q-snap for the picture....didn't want to waste stitching time :)
I changed the last row of numbers up a little bit so that I can add my finishing year next to Margaret's. And I decided to wait with adding the date until I am close to actually finishing never know...sometimes things tend to take longer around here. LOL

After finishing Hare's Lucky Day I started Mouton Printemps by Tralala. I just love to stitch the flowery colours even though we still have a pile of snow outside and -15 Celsius (1 Fahrenheit) plus windchill. But the forecast says only 2 more weeks then we will be having above freezing temps. So soon bye bye to the winter. See you again in a few months. :)
And here it is after 11 hours of stitching (as well still in the Q-snap):

And off to enjoy another wonderful stitching day.... Bine :)


CJ in OK ;-) said...

Great progress Margaret will be done very soon I think. Your little sheep project is so cute and the colors are so cheery. CJ in OK

Margaret said...

Love both your projects! The Tra la la piece is fun! Glad you are settling into your new job.

Deb said...

I love both of your projects!! Margaret Cottam is really coming along and you should be done with her in no time. And the Tralala piece is darling.

Linda said...

Great progress on both pieces. I love the Hare's Lucky Day.