Sunday, March 24, 2013

Loss of motivation

I got struck by a loss of motivation when discovering that i missed to leave a space of two fabric threads between the pink border and the brown border. I thought about frogging but then I would have to order more of the pink floss from France but I am pretty sure that I can make the border work without taking I out and doing it all over. But it would for sure look better if there was a space between those two borders.... :(

And off to enjoy another wonderful stitching day.... Bine :)


Linda said...

I love this piece your working on. I think the piece looks fine as is.


Margaret said...

I agree -- I think it looks fine! It's so cute!

Andrea said...

It looks just beautiful. Love the colours in this piece.

Barb said...

Things like that are so frustrating!! However, I think your piece looks great!