Monday, December 26, 2005

Thank you so much for your kind words on HCS. I loved to read them :-)

When I got MTM out of my WIP-box I realized, that it needs 3 Gloriana Threads, 2 silks and 1 Luminescence.... but I only got 2 Threads *grrrrr* Of course I immediately checked my order and it said I ordered 3! Now I have to investigate the whereabout of the missing thread. I can't believe it that's still 1 Thread missing!!!! Anyway I started to fill the remaining crosses in part one and stitched some other on part 3.

Today we had a big lunch at my brother in law and his companion in life. My parents in law and my sister in law with her family attended as well. We had a great time and the children enjoyed to unwrap their christmas presents. :-)
Just after lunch it started to snow so driving home took us quite a long time...

From left to right:
Derek (DH), Lisa (DD), Hannelore & Ted (PIL)


Carol said...

Oh no! If I can help you to get any of the threads, let me know! I am sure I am going to my LNS sometime this week!!!!!!!

Cathy said...

Lisa certainly enjoyed the party, didn't she! Such a happy little girl!