Friday, December 02, 2005

No excuses any more ... smile to Anne :-))) All the algerian eyelets and foursided stitches are done. Now I have to start cutting the first threads. Please, keep your fingers crossed for me.
Hei Cindy, maybe you're right and it is really fun .... but I will decide this when the Hardanger is done ;-)


Carol said...

Hi Bine - your sampler continues to be sooooo gorgeous! I broke down and ordered the Victoria Clayton silk conversion for it - and now will go to Paw Prints Cross Stitch soon to order the SJ embellishments... I think that is still cheaper!

Thanks for your address :-) I will email you mine today!

KarenV said...

Bine, it's looking gorgeous! For the cutwork, make sure you have good light and a VERY sharp pair of scissors and you'll be fine :) I'll keep my fingers crossed that it turns out OK.