Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It happened again.... I couldn't stop myself from starting something new yesterday..... It's a wonderful Quaker Sampler by von der Wiehenburg. I stitch it on the same linen as my Prairie Schooler ornaments. It's the dark 40ct. Weddigen. The picture doesn't show the right color. I hope this will work better tonight. My choice of floss is the DMC 3750 a blue with an antique touch. I'm sure my friend Manuela will be angry with me because I started this without having finished an older WIP .... ;-(


DonnaSews said...

The way I see it is that:
It is your hobby, your free time, your stitching with no rules. Start as many as you want...it's just for you!!



Carol said...

Congratulations on your new start!

AoL's skirt is a mix of beads and some cross stitch - mostly beads - oh, and two metallics too! She is FUN!!

Cathy said...

Sometimes you just have to stitch the design that is calling out to you! I'm anxious to see more of this Quaker Design!

AnneS said...

I'm glad nobody told me about that rule before I started stitching LOL. Mind you, that's probably how I got to have so many UFO's in the first place haha. I say stitch what you want to stitch, and reap the most enjoyment you can from our beautiful and rewarding hobby ;))

Manuela said...

du kannst dir zumindest sicher sein, dass wir keine grössere rote kiste bei ikea kaufen ;o)))