Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

I was totally hooked when I saw Carols massive big Q-Snap. I fear I will have to order one for myself too ;-))))

Though my opinion about asking Martina for sending the chart and password is the same than Carols I couldn't resist to start part 4 when receiving the password yesterday. I got it at 8pm and that is what I got done while waiting for the New Year.

Today I stitched quite a lot on the first A Prairie Christmas ornament by Prairie Schooler. I'm so excited how it will look on this dark fabric when it's finished...

Now I'm off to work on the Lizzie Kate Flip-it Block that was officially started this afternoon.... :-)


Cathy said...

Happy New Year Bine! I finally started the DT Game Board Sampler - take a look at my blog! It's still going to take me a little bit to catch up to you, but at least I've got it started. Yahoo!

Carol said...

Congrats Bine! It is looking great! I haven't started Part 4 yet - I started Part 1 of Mystery IX instead. I think it is so obnoxious when stitchers start to beg Martina for the password early. It is insensitive, as they seem to lack any understanding of how busy she is.... don't they have other projects they can work on for one more day? LOL! However... if she does release the password, why not start early? It is the begging that is so annoying!

Annemiek said...

Hi Bine,
You did a lot of stitching! I love how your Chatelaine project is coming along. And your PS looks great on the fabric. How do you like the Oehlenslager fabric? I didn´t know they had their own line of fabric, just thought they did kits.

Lelia said...

Bine: Happy New Year. Excellent progress on your projects!

Looking forward to more pictures, especially of the Sampler 1852

Selina said...

sehr schöne Sachen, die du stickst. Von wem ist denn dieser Part 4 .. gefällt mir sehr gut. Happy New Year ;) :)