Friday, January 06, 2006

Look what was in the mail yesterday..... Carol sent me this wonderful gift: a Tacky BOB. I've never heard of a Tacky BOB befor Carol told me about it. And I love it!!! I'm so excited to use it for MTM :-) Thank you so much, Carol!

My first monthly Prairie Schooler A Prairie Christmas ornament is finished and I love it.

I stitched a few more crosses on february Lizzy Kate Flip it Block.

The last days were a little bit like a late christmas. At first I received the wonderful Tacky BOB. Then my Accessory Pack for Heirloom Homecoming Sampler by Victoria Sampler was in the mail and than I got the Just Cross Stitch October Issue containing Jeannette Douglas's Autumn Stitches..... Yummy

Today I stitched some hours on MTM and had to undo every single stitch of it.... Cathy, we're getting every 1'st of the month a new part of the chart. This will be the last time in september this year.

Now I'm off giving MTM another try.


Carol said...

I see... it is pretty :-) LOL!!!!

tkdchick said...

I haven't bought or tried a tacky bob yet! I've heard though, don't put Mill Hill treasures on them somoene once ruined the finish on her treasure.

That's a lovely ornament!!!

AnneS said...

Aha, I wondered what Tacky Bob was - and now I know! It looks like a really good idea!! I love beading in projects, so this could be a very very good addition to my stash some time during the year :)