Saturday, March 21, 2009

I really have to put a few

...hours into my Tiny Treasures Exchange biscornu. It is due to be mailed out by the end of March.
But yesterday evening I decided to pull Take Time to Quilt out of my "currently active" WIP bag. This is how it looked when I began:

And this was before I put it back in the bag:

The real colour is somewhere between this two pictures but more like the before pic. I didn't spent a lot of time stitching I was just too tired again. Seems like I am tired a lot lately. I don't know exactly why but I hope it is getting better as soon as spring brings warmer temperatures.


jennilynn said...

Bine, your work is just lovely. I love this piece, the colors are pretty.

Melissa said...

That looks wonderful. I've never seen this before. It's beautiful!

Brigitte said...

What awonderful project. I love all those Take Time ... designs by Jeannette Douglas.

CindyMae said...

That is a gorgeous piece! Amazing work you are doing on it as well!