Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just a bit progress...

on From Sea to Shining Sea. Sharon asked what fabric I am stitching on. It is 40ct winter sky Lakeside Linen. And it is awesome to stitch on. I will buy Lakeside Linen for sure again. I would appreciate your help what colours to chose. I had some trouble chosing from the pictures online. I ordered Bittersweet Vintage and the picture looked like a boring light brown-creme. But when I got it, it was pink-creme. So what are your favourite colours of LL???

We will go ice fishing today....I have never done that before and I am kind of excited to drive with a car on a lake, poke/drill a hole in the ice and try to catch a fish. Sounds like a strange thing to do for Germans :) I will take some pictures and post them in my next post.

An update on the area I stitched on:

And one of the whole thing so far:


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What great progress! I also love LL but I'll have to look thru my files to see which colors are my favorites. Have fun ice fishing! We drove on the lake with our boys when they were little (with my sis and her kids from Florida) and I was scared to death. Will never do it again! Be safe, have fun and take pictures!!!

Brigitte said...

Hallo Sabine, ich habe leider keine email Adresse von dir. Du wolltest wissen, wieviel die 3 Bücher wiegen: es sind genau 866 gr., kann man also als große Büchersendung oder als Brief von hier nach Canada schicken.
Danke für die Nachfrage, aber mir geht's gut, hatte nur nicht so viel Zeit und auch nicht so viel Lust zum Bloggen. Werd ich aber bald ändern, lol.
Liebe Grüße, Brigitte

Brigitte said...

I have never seen any LL linen, I only stitch on Zweigart.But then I live near the Zweigart factory outlet so that's a good option for me.

bianca said...

Du hast einen sehr schönen Blog und deine Kreuzsticharbeiten sind großartig.
LG Bianca

Sharon said...

The blue looks beautiful. I have not ever used Lakeside Linens before. I may have to try them.