Monday, January 07, 2008

We had a great weekend in Winnipeg. Although the biggest shop in Manitoba won't become my favorite shop :-) The lady who worked there was so nice and friendly but most of the things they are carrying are not my taste... but I think I should try the shop for framing one day.

After visiting Sheena's Gallery where I bought a piece of 40ct linen we drove to Mrs. Twitchets Eyes where I have been before. But this time it was only one of the ladies there and unfortunately it was the same grumpy lady that has been there when I visited the first time.

On our way back we choosed an alternate road to the highway #1 and came through a lot of cute villages. One of them was called Holland, that's the German name for the Netherlands but this Holland wasn't as flat as the European Holland. :) But they had build up a little windmill so I think the first people who settled there have been from the Netherlands.

Today leaving the house after lunch I fell on the ground after not recognizing an icy space... and now my hand, my finger and my knee are really hurting.... :( I really should pay more attention. At least I don't need to go to the doc and I can still stitch :)

I have just a little progress on LHN's Garden Pleasures to show as I stitched a bit on a birthday gift.


Cindy said...

Your Garden Pleasures is looking wonderful :)

Sorry to hear about your fall, and I hope that you are feeling better soon. That ice will really get you out of nowhere sometimes. At least you're still able to stitch!

Carol said...

Hi Bine - Ouch! I hope you heal up soon!!! Wow, you have already been busy finding needlework shops - lucky you! There are not many by me, sadly. What sweet photos of Holland - made me laugh, having been to the Amsterdam area myself :-)

Von said...

A needlework shop is always fun to visit even if the designs don't suit our own tastes - but grumpy people are never an attraction!

You asked me about how I made the mosaic on my blog a few days back.

Hope you have fun designing your own mosaics!! :D