Friday, January 18, 2008

Today and tomorrow I have to work again. But I didn't stitch a lot yesterday either as I wasn't in a stitching mood.... Lots of other things to think about that kept my mind busy and my mood on low level. But that was yesterday ... today I'm feeling much better :-)

At least I decided what to stitch on Glenna's Hello Neighbor RR :-)

This morning I don't need to walk to work. I dropped Lisa and her Dad off at the Daycare and at work. 'Cause it's really freezing cold today. The thermometer shows just -25 C but with windchill it's feeling like -38 C *brrrrrr*

So, see you later I have to hurry now.....

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andrea said...

Thanks for your comment on the BOAF snowman...if you will email me I can help you out :)
email addy is deepfriedcupcake