Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yesterday I went to my local needlecraftshop because they were listed as a retailer on the Glendon Place homepage because somewhere in the net I saw WIP pictures of Glendon Place's Pretty Pumpkins . I love the colors of the pumkins they are so wonderful bright but I don't like the leaves so I wanted to see the chart in real maybe I can just stitch the pumpkins without the leaves.... Unfortunately they didn't have the chart in stock but they are ordering one in for me .... they are so kind. And this lovely lady working there invited me to the guild meeting on monday evening....wohoooo I'm so excited to meet other stitchers.

Though my stitching time was very limited this week I got a little bit on Prairie Sampler done.

Peg, I'm going to set up a blog for the AAFG-SAL and will send an invitation to you. Hopefully we will find some more stitchers to stitch along with us :-)


Nicole said...

Great start on Prairie Sampler! I loved stitching this one! :)

Einschies blog said...

Wow Bine, ist das nicht super Du hast jetzt ein LNS in der Nähe:-)) Ich will auch eins haben....

DAS LHN Motiv gefällt mir super und die Kürbisse auch, schaut aber nach viel Arbeit aus;-))

Gruss Gaby