Friday, October 17, 2008

Back on my old computer!

I got my old favourite computer back from repair a few weeks ago. We set it up in the basement and I did never really switch it on .... who wants to sit all alone by himself in the basement when the rest of the family is upstairs? So I got my hubby to put it up in the living room today. Now we can spend our evenings together he playing with his laptop and I on my computer not far away from him :) Hopefully I will still find some time for stitching. LOL

A small progress of about 200-250 stitches on my A Real Snow Job... I am a little bit surprised how much fun it is to stitch on it. But hey, wait till I finished the first page if that will ever happen....

And a few stitches in JD's Take Time to Quilt.

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Marian D said...

Looking forward to seeing them at our next meeting!