Sunday, October 05, 2008

My house on Carol's RR is finished!

My house for Carol is finished and the envelope will be mailed out to Karen tomorrow. Just one house left to be stitched and then the RR can go back home to Carol....

We spent most of the morning outside to "cleaning" the yard from fallen leaves....but we will have to spend some more hours there during the coming week. We didn't have enough bags for all the leaves...but Lisa loves all the bags so far :)

And now, that we already have a few raindrops coming down and the wind blowing around the house I will put some stitches in my Prairie Moon WIP There was an old woman....while waiting for my traditional German Gulaschsuppe that is cooking on the oven with very unusual (for Germany) Bison meat cubes... yummmieeeh


vEr0n!c@ said...

That's a gorgeous RR. Carol is gonna love it!

Nina said...

Hello :)

Thank you for the kind comment! :)
Your blog is new to me but I'm sure I'll back soon ;)

Regards from Hungary,

Carol said...

Thank you so much Bine - I love how my RR is looking now, and your house is stunning!