Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Isn't my Hello Neighbor RR stunning?

Deb sent it to me together with her RR. I had hers when we were just about to move to Canada so I didn't manage to finish my stitching. So I am working on it every day a bit until it is finally finished.
When she send me her RR I first didn't even realized that she sent mine as well. It was so well hidden between her charts that I found it after she send an email asking how I liked it..... LOL And it is just BEAUTIFUL. I am so happy that this is my RR and I don't have to send it to anybody....just mine :)))

Here it is my "Neighborhood Row"

And a little bit closer: the left side:

the right side:

Thank you so much to all the ladies who stitched on it:

Carol for stitching AND setting up the RR and doing all the work as RR-mother :)

Yesterday I got the first three LHN installments of "From Sea to Shining Sea" and guess what I had to start right away after stitching my dayly portion on Deb's RR:

One of our mechanics at work has a cattle herd at home and from time to time he sells beef to his workmates. So I could not stand the temptation and bought a quater beef. I got it today and guess why I have to stop now...Hubby is nearly done with barbequeing this little piece of meat for us:


Von said...

Yummmmmy! Home grown beef is the best. :D

Congrats on getting your little neighborhood back home - it's really amazing! Love the linear theme. :D

Sharon said...

Your neighborhood is gorgeous!

Cathy B said...

Bine - your neighborhood is awesome!