Monday, February 23, 2009

Just a quick post...Lucky me, I am on my way out to attend our needlecraft guild meeting tonight. The last one two weeks ago was cancelled due to the weather situation. I stitched a little bit more on Home is Homespun Elegance yesterday.

I never took my needlework to work to stitch on it during my lunchbreak. Today I decided to give it a try. We are a usually a crowd of about 10-15 people having lunch together and so I had a lot of explaining to do...but I think they will get used to it pretty soon and for me it is an extra half an hour of stitching time every day after eating my lunch. :)
And as a lot of other non-stitching people some of them thought stitching is just something for ol'ladies....hey, I'm getting there..... LOL


Nicole said...

Your making beautiful progress Bine! I used to bring my stitching to work with me all the time. I would eat fast and then enjoy the rest of the time stitching. My co-workers got used to it pretty quick. Except they would always ask what I was crocheting! LOL! :)

Brigitte said...

Nice progress on a beautiful project.
I hope you had a great time at the guild meeting.