Friday, February 13, 2009

This scissorskeeper was my first finish of the year. Just a small one but still a finish. I stitched it as an exchange piece for Michelle with the Tiny Treasures Exchange Group.

Beekeeper Freebie

The Drawn Thread

stitched with DMC on 32ct. shell Permin

started 2008-12-25

finished 2009-01-20

incl. finishing as scissorskeeper

Yesterday I stitched for a little bit on Take Time To Quilt Spring. But I was so tired I didn't do too much.

Tonight I won't have a lot time to stitch as well. While my husband waited in the parking lot at my workplace to pick me up the plant manager left heading home. They both met a year ago on a trip to Germany and so he stopped at our car for a bit of talking and gave Derek some Eishockey tickets for tonight. Our plant is a big sponsor of the local team so there are always free tickets available and he had some left over.... :) Time to leave now. See you later :)


Laura said...

That is a very nice scissorskeep, and your Take Time to Quilt WIP is gorgeous! Take care.

Marion said...

Hello! Great to see you posting again! LOL

I posted a thank you to you on my Blog, but will say it here as well...thank you!!

Great stitching!!!

In friendship